Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dress: Modcloth    Cardigan: Thrift Store   Tights: Target  Shoes: Chelsea Crew

I may or may not be the human embodiment of this dress. Red and yellow film cameras? Yeah, sounds about right. 
Now on to my "purple" hair. I had about 12 hours to dye my hair, sleep(ha ha ha) and get to a job interview(for which I wanted to have a natural hair color). Yeah, natural didnt go so well! The red tones in the auburn dye turned my hair purple. Lucky enough the person the interview was with didn't so much as make notice of my hair. I actually do really love this color now that I have it though!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gustav Klimt dress: Romwe   Skirt: Romwe   Coat: Thrifted(originally from Zara)  Necklace: Vintage

I cut my hair! This is a pretty average thing for most people, but for me its a bit of an accomplishment. I have been cutting my hair shorter and shorter for almost two years, no daring to go for the full on pixie cut that I wanted. I am so glad I cut it, I love it! And my bedhead these days is 100% class 90's teen bedhead, its fantastic.
On an unrelated note, it has been wonderfully cold outside for Florida these last couple of days. I have been a scarf/coat/boots monster for almost a week. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Banksy: A review of 2013 New York works

I have always been a fan of Banksy's radical graffiti and street art. If you are not familiar with Banksy's work, I feel that it can be described simply as "making a joke of modern cruelty and problems" and I mean this in a positive way. I have known of Banksy for some years but his most recent works in New York really stood out to me, they are hard hitting and factual but all in all they stand as almost a joke. With his mystery persona Banksy has relatively unlimited power to create vulgar, tragic, humorous and political works and he has done just that in New York this year.

My favorite piece of Banksy's New York traipsing was the 1-800 number guide to the works around the city. What? No I am serious. Several pieces of street art in Banky's normal style were painted around the city with a 1-800 number to call. These numbers give you a "tour" of the work. Or more like a harsh and shocking break down of it in an almost hilarious fashion, who knows. 

Banksy made the horrible truth of animal cruelty hit home with this piece, a truck full of stuffed animals who are being treated, well, fairly close to how we treat our livestock already.

This next piece sort of made me want to rip my hair out. A man sells original Banksy works via Banksy himself, on the streets of New York with amazingly minimal response. This piece could be taken many ways, maybe showing how much less of a "work of art" something is when its not by some well known artist or brand, who knows.

Trucks seemed to be a hot topic of Banky's work in NYC, This piece shows urban and natural contrast. The value is truly in opinion for this one, as many Banky pieces. I can say however that I took to recycling hardcore after seeing it.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Skirt: Thrift store   Shirt: UO   Shoes: JCPenny   Jacket: Thrift store
Back in blue! For a long time I have had my hair crazy colors, however, recently I have had a "normal color". I missed having vibrant, fun hair!
These photos are from a little trip Craig and I took to the park thanksgiving day. It was really lovely to enjoy the nature on that miraculously cold day! 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

That little friend was resting by my feet as I took these pictures.
Shirt: Concert   Skirt: Thrift store   Sweater: Thrift store   Shoes: JCPenney

Today I dressed like the human embodiment of a thrift store rack, it was pretty wonderful. 
I am really jealous of everyone who lives up north, here in Florida it is still 80 on an average day. I was lucky enough to catch a windy moment for these photos.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

As promised earlier, here is a post about poetry! Spoken word/slam poetry to be more specific.
One of my main sources for the wonderful poets I find is Button Poetry, (
You should definitely check them out, I don't think I have disliked a single poem they have posted!
And now onto the actual poetry part,
My favorite thing about spoken word/slam poetry is the fact that the person can not only
communicate with you in words but also with their tone of voice, expression and body.
This adds the fire, the intensity to really make these already wonderful poems hit hard.
Some are pretty sad:

Some are actually funny,

Many are about important issues,

Some are about love,

But they are all wonderful, inspiring and eye opening. I honestly feel that the power of the words of those I have never even met, have shaped me into who I am. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dress: Vintage   Shoes: Studio Paolo   Sweater: Roxy

When I saw this wonderful mushroom dress I had a mini episode of out-of-control-love/I-need-it-now syndrome. And while it may have been a silly reason, I bought it as a gift to myself for getting my first paycheck at my new job. Upon arrival I was heartbroken to find that it totally did not fit me. I am really short and all around very small, so I probably should have seen it coming. But after a major sewing transformation it fits and all is well, I mean excluding my sewing machine which now has a broken needle due to an oddly wound bobbin, but ohhh wellll. One thing that I was not able to capture in the picture was that some of the mushrooms have their scientific names around them, its wonderful!
On an unrelated note, recently I have been really into poetry. Slam poetry, to be more exact. Though I will probably make an actual post about all of my favorite poets/their wonderful poems later, I just wanted to mention my obsession briefly. I think my favorite thing about spoken word poetry in general is that it is a complex mixture of the human voice, both mentally and physically. The way these poets communicate their deepest ideas, thoughts and memories becomes a sort of calming sound, almost like music. It's so powerful and inspiring to be so sad, moved or simply entranced  by just a combinations of words. When people say they dislike poetry I almost feel bad for them, they are really missing out on something spectacular.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Atlanta, Part 2
This is the second part of my post about my road trip to Atlanta! Oh but wait, it comes with a video! (Que applause). And also you get a picture of my looked tired out of my mind in a wonderful blue coat from Buffalo Exchange.
To read more about my trip read the first part of the post here:

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dress: Romwe    Blazer: Thrift Store    Boots: Target

Atlanta :Part 1
On October 26th at way-too-early o'clock Craig and I set off on an eight hour road trip to Atlanta for the Elf Power, The Apples in Stereo and Neutral Milk Hotel reunion show!! The trip was really wonderful.  The weather was perfectly chilly and we were surrounded by the bustling beauty of a big city. Even though we spent hours being totally lost in Atlanta, it was fun and exciting. Also, Atlanta has this crazy amount of wonderful coffee/tea places and it is quite impressive.
The concert was simply amazing.  Robert Schneider was the person to break the news to me (and probably  to plenty of other audience members) that Lou Reed had passed away. But when all of Elf Power plus Robert did a Velvet Underground cover, it was sort of like being cuddled by sound. There is no better way to hear bad news I suppose.
Neutral Milk Hotel was just spectacular. Jeff Mangum + the adorably excited saw playing hat boy + everyone playing a brass instrument + anyone else, made that show a one of a kind. I am so glad I was able to attend this show, it made me cry and laugh and sing like an idiot to an extent one couldn't even imagine. And I think this was the only time that I cried happy tears to Oh Comely (My go-to sad times song) and the only time that I was able to prove that I really do know all of the lyrics by repetition, not effort, to all of the On Avery Island songs.
And on a separate note, when I bought this shirt I was wearing my other neutral milk hotel shirt. The guy at the counter gave me precise instructions to go change into the new shirt and burn the other one. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dress: Forever21 Shoes: Thrift store

The irony of this photoshoot is the fact that it was cut short by bugs who were feeding on my body. 

The last week has been pretty insane.Everything from emotional breakdowns to the best days of my life happened in the last few days. But over all I can say that things are getting better, so I suppose the week can end on a  happy note. Actually, how could I even be sad when I have a dress covered in beatles and jewels?

On n unrelated note, I am going to try to make more blog posts that aren't just style. Like I want to do some posts on my favorite artist, sciency things, music, and maybe even some little vlogs on various issues. I just have to push myself to actually do them but eventually they will be made and will be posted!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dress: Romwe Tanktop: Forever 21 Boots: Target
I have (maybe) proven my ability to consistently post on a blog. Que the confetti! 

Though it may be sort of hard to see here, I got an adorable little cactus necklace from Gemsprouts! ( And surprisingly enough several people commented on it, most of them being very confused by the probably-a-plant around my neck. I would definitely recommend  checking Gemsprouts out~

This week has been a bit insane. It was my first week at my new job (which is super great honestly) so I was busy as can be. And on top of that I was not able to sleep at all on Monday and Tuesday which was sort of the worst experience ever. But somehow, with a lot of Andrew Jackson Jihad and coffee, I made it to today. I swear magic is to blame.