Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dress: Modcloth    Cardigan: Thrift Store   Tights: Target  Shoes: Chelsea Crew

I may or may not be the human embodiment of this dress. Red and yellow film cameras? Yeah, sounds about right. 
Now on to my "purple" hair. I had about 12 hours to dye my hair, sleep(ha ha ha) and get to a job interview(for which I wanted to have a natural hair color). Yeah, natural didnt go so well! The red tones in the auburn dye turned my hair purple. Lucky enough the person the interview was with didn't so much as make notice of my hair. I actually do really love this color now that I have it though!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gustav Klimt dress: Romwe   Skirt: Romwe   Coat: Thrifted(originally from Zara)  Necklace: Vintage

I cut my hair! This is a pretty average thing for most people, but for me its a bit of an accomplishment. I have been cutting my hair shorter and shorter for almost two years, no daring to go for the full on pixie cut that I wanted. I am so glad I cut it, I love it! And my bedhead these days is 100% class 90's teen bedhead, its fantastic.
On an unrelated note, it has been wonderfully cold outside for Florida these last couple of days. I have been a scarf/coat/boots monster for almost a week. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Banksy: A review of 2013 New York works

I have always been a fan of Banksy's radical graffiti and street art. If you are not familiar with Banksy's work, I feel that it can be described simply as "making a joke of modern cruelty and problems" and I mean this in a positive way. I have known of Banksy for some years but his most recent works in New York really stood out to me, they are hard hitting and factual but all in all they stand as almost a joke. With his mystery persona Banksy has relatively unlimited power to create vulgar, tragic, humorous and political works and he has done just that in New York this year.

My favorite piece of Banksy's New York traipsing was the 1-800 number guide to the works around the city. What? No I am serious. Several pieces of street art in Banky's normal style were painted around the city with a 1-800 number to call. These numbers give you a "tour" of the work. Or more like a harsh and shocking break down of it in an almost hilarious fashion, who knows. 

Banksy made the horrible truth of animal cruelty hit home with this piece, a truck full of stuffed animals who are being treated, well, fairly close to how we treat our livestock already.

This next piece sort of made me want to rip my hair out. A man sells original Banksy works via Banksy himself, on the streets of New York with amazingly minimal response. This piece could be taken many ways, maybe showing how much less of a "work of art" something is when its not by some well known artist or brand, who knows.

Trucks seemed to be a hot topic of Banky's work in NYC, This piece shows urban and natural contrast. The value is truly in opinion for this one, as many Banky pieces. I can say however that I took to recycling hardcore after seeing it.