Monday, January 27, 2014

Dress: Thrift store   Sweater: Thrift store  Petticoat: Vintage 

I had a wonderful thrifting day this past weekend, in which I snagged this fantastic dress and sweater! Overall today was a day of overcoming fashion "rules". I have always been told not to wear two shades of the same color together, totally broke the rule and loved it. Additionally, I knew when I got dressed this morning that my petticoat would gather a lot of attention and well, I was right. I honestly do not like attention when it comes to my clothes. Little compliments are nice but people going "WOW, thats different!" does not strike me as a compliment. And I must say, a lot of people thought my outfit was "different". But I couldnt care less, I felt like a queen. I intend to pull many similar fashion changes out of my magic closet soon. Maybe I can host the hottest clown fashion show on the East Coast, I am super jazzed for it. But all in all I have been working towards being more confident, and clothing is a perfect first step. I have found that confidence really is not directly related to appearance, but rather how you create yourself. Any body shape or size can look fantastic, but it is up to the person in that skin to show it to themselves. Dress it up, dress it down, cover it in  tattoos, shave it, dont shave it, whatever. Your choices about how you create your body make it feel more your own, and you begin to see more things to love about it. This process is not easy and can take time, but I feel that anyone can grow to love their body. And you deserve to, you look wonderful.

Also, Animal Farm is what I am currently reading. My only message is that I love George Orwell sooooo very much.

Song of the day: The Killing Type, Amanda Palmer

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Skirt: Modcloth   Sweater: H&M   Shoes: Thrifted/Doc Martens   Bag: Vintage

This outfit is full of wonderful things! I have been eyeing this space skirt for so long and I am so glad I got it!  Its so flowy, I feel like a interstellar queen. Additionally, I always read item reviews before I buy and boy am I glad I did with this skirt, it runs very small!I had to size up for sure. And I cant even begin to explain my love for this new bag. Its from a wonderful local vintage shop, Artpool gallery. I think it was originally bought and then sewn onto, but either way I love it!
Recently I have been getting back into being creative. I have an assignment coming up for college that I am super excited for/cant wait to finish!! I will soon be making more posts of my artwork on here! Its one of my new years resolutions to spend more time doing art! 
On my old blog I did a "song of the day" for every post, I want to start that up again! So here is an oldie but goodie.
Song of the day: Where is my Mind, The Pixies